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Fire Damage Removal

No matter how we take good care of our priced possessions, disasters do happen at the most unexpected time. Taking for instance the occurrence of fire. The incidence of fire is not only emotionally and financially stressful, but also physically draining. You may not have recovered from your loss yet, but you have to move on and rebuild your home the soonest possible. At the height of crisis, you need a reliable partner for fire damage removal and other urgent needs. You need a team like Minuteman Restoration – one of the leading specialists in handling damaged properties.

Evaluating the Damages Right

Inspecting the fire- and smoke-damaged area is critical to the entire removal process. Oftentimes, recoverable items are thrown away only because the assessor is inadequately trained in scrutinizing the material or structure. At Minuteman Restoration, we follow strict criteria in segregating recoverable items from removal items. We consider a wide range of factors, including the severity of the damage, the value of the property including depreciation costs, replaceability, and even the sentimental value of the items. That’s how we value you and your property.

Helping you Towards Recovery

With our team of experts and advanced technology, you are assured of the security and effective rehabilitation of your property. We inspect, clean, and rehabilitate the area. We remove only those that are impossible to restore and when we have to remove the items from site, we do it safely.

Your Safety is Important

Safety is always our priority. While we give our best to identify every piece of furniture and every corner in the area that can be rehabilitated, we also ensure the stability of the place. We install board-ups and roof covers to contain the area and prevent further damage. For more information about our fire damage restoration service, browse through our list of services.

We do not just safely remove and dispose fire damaged items, we most importantly ensure your properties are put back to their original condition. We even offer water, mold, and flood damage restoration, may it be a residential or commercial structure. You will be happy and satisfied to see your priced possessions back to normal.

Minuteman Restoration knows the value of your properties to your family and business. Our record of satisfied clients reflects our credibility in the market. You’re in good hands with Minuteman Restoration, available 24 hours a day, 355 days a year. Call us now.