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Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage repair should never be postponed for a much later date. The integrity of your home is very important. Fire is one of the most destructive forces known to man. Residential fires can change people’s lives. Many go homeless after a major fire incident. Even minor fire accidents can still pose significant threats to the health and wellbeing of everyone in a particular fire-damaged property. Smoke and volatile fumes can linger for many years, putting at risk the health of everyone in the home. That’s why you’ll need to call Minuteman Restoration at the first sign of fire damage.

Unparalleled Expertise in Fire Damage Repair

It is true that our expertise is in water damage restoration. However, we also provide exceptional repair and restoration services specific for fire damaged properties. Your property will be naturally soaked in water as well as other flame-killing chemicals when firefighters put out the fire. You still cannot safely go inside, even though the fire has already been put out since there are still potential threats that need to be addressed. Removing of debris should be done in a meticulous and systematic manner so as not to severely weaken the already-compromised state of the property.
You can count on our team of expert fire damage repair technicians. We provide a much safer environment for us to conduct our fire damage repair solutions by carefully removing any debris from your fire damaged property. Crawl space drying is always necessary to make sure there is no moisture left in these spaces that may have been brought about by the use of fire extinguishing materials. We also make sure that there are no volatile gases or smoke left in tiny spaces in your home.

Our duly certified technicians can also help you determine which items can still be restored and which ones can already be considered as loss. This allows you to move on with your life much sooner.

Fire Damage Repair You Can Rely On

We, at Minuteman Restoration, pride ourselves for having integrity in all our dealings. We tell our clients what they really need to know even if it means they will have to make some difficult decisions. Honesty and transparency are two of our most treasured values. We firmly believe that these are the things that people look for in a company that they are willing to put their trust on. You can truly put your trust on us when it comes to fire damage repair.