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Flood Damage Removal

Flooding causes severe damage to homes, possibly making them uninhabitable if the water is not removed as quickly as possible. In these cases, time is of the essence. The longer the basic structures of the property stay underwater, the weaker the foundation becomes. Flood damage removal is a time-critical process that we are trained and accredited to do. When you call us about your flooded property, we will come as quickly as possible to remove the water as soon as possible. This way, we can help you save more of your personal property and maintain your home’s livability.

Process of Extracting Floodwater

Removing floodwater uses the same process as extracting water from a burst pipe. However, what is important to note is that this water coming from the pipe is much cleaner than water that came from an overflowing river or from a lot of rain. At times, this water is mixed with garbage from the street and may even be mixed with a little sewage. This is why it is critical to let experts like us remove floodwaters from your home. We will come with professional water extraction equipment that will clear your property of this dirty and unsanitary floodwater.

Drying and Dehumidifying Your Home

The dirt and bacteria that was in the water will also seep into your private property, like your carpets. Removing floodwater is not the end of the job, as afterward, we will proceed to the comprehensive drying and dehumidification of the home and its contents. Unlike with simple water damage where most of your things may still be good after complete drying, we will check which parts of your home will need to be removed and replaced due to hygienic reasons.

Disinfecting is a critical part in places that might have been exposed to bacteria and fungi. This step will kill all bacteria and prevent future contamination due to unhygienic homes. We are experts in making sure that no bacteria or will grow in an unsanitary home, reducing the risk of you or your family members contracting any illnesses.

Another important step in restoring flood-damaged homes is to remove any smells that may come out due to unsanitary floodwater. This is why we also offer disinfecting and odor control to those who are worried about pungent smells after flooding at home. Once you finally move back in, it will be almost exactly the same as before, no water, no damage, and also no unpleasant smells.