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Flood Damage Restoration

Water damage caused by flooding is much more dangerous and complicated to address. Beyond compromising your home’s stability, gray water (water that may contain chemical, physical, or biological elements) can be hazardous due to the microbes and contaminants that grow in stagnant water. Therefore, you are at risk of contracting illnesses like skin infection, salmonella, hepatitis A, Weil’s disease and eye, blood or kidney problems. Because of this risk, flood damage restoration is seriously needed. We will work on removing any remaining floodwater and start with cleaning, disinfecting and restoring as soon as possible.

How Flood Damages Your Property

Time is of the essence in flood damage. The longer floodwater stays in your property, the longer the list of issues with your house. Beyond wreaking havoc to your personal property, it can seriously damage your home all the way to the foundations. Wood will rot, metal will rust, other foundation materials like drywall will disintegrate. Without a timely response, your home might not anymore be fit to live in.

Even if you think the damage is not as bad when floodwaters quickly recede, water might still be trapped in areas invisible to your eye. Worse, parts of your home like the basement might get exposed to water longer than is deemed safe.

Remediation Process

The only way to be sure that your home is safe from this moisture is to ensure the complete drying of basements. At the same time, complete drying of structures is vital in keeping your property livable. Through the use of drying and dehumidification processes, we can ensure that all vital parts are within normal moisture levels.

At times, homeowners may spot some areas affected by mold and mildew. This can bring about health problems in the future, which is why this microbial growth should be controlled. Our experts will not just remove the mold; they will also deodorize these parts of your house.

Carpet cleaning and restoration may not be enough in case of floodwater. If the carpet has been immersed in gray water, it may also start to stink and host microbial growth. Drying and deodorizing can also be done to get it back to its original state.

Quick Response System

At Minute Man, all of these services can be expected even in times of emergency. We are available 24 hours a day to be able to respond as quickly as possible to flooding issues. The faster we are able to get there and remove any remaining water and moisture, the fewer problems you will have now and in the future.