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Mold Damage Removal

Molds can be found anywhere whether indoors or outdoors. All they need to grow and spread is moisture. This type of fungi spread through spores that are easily blown away. They thrive in places that can be exposed to water but are not dried right away like your shower or your basement. As long as a place is somewhat moist, you can expect molds to live there especially when that place is not touched by direct sunlight. They can grow until they become harmful and until you need a total mold damage removal.

While molds are not inherently bad since fungi are a natural organism in the environment, they do cause damage to human structures. They even have more serious effects on the health of people especially those who have allergic reactions to molds. When your house or office is infested with molds, exposure to them can cause shortness of breath and to an extent, mold infections in the lungs. Since molds pose a major concern to a lot of people, Minuteman Restoration offers mold damage removal.

Our Assessment Process

Minuteman Restoration’s service starts with visiting your house and your backyard. This is when our team assesses how much damage molds have done to the structure of your home. But first and foremost, we always seek the root cause of the molds. Where are they coming from? Is it because of a leak in the water system? Or is it because the house has high humidity? If so, our mold damage removal can include sewage clean-ups and dehumidification. We can also apply water damage restoration as there are places that can be affected or destroyed because of a problem in your water system.

We Offer Other Services to Better Help You

Aside from that, Minuteman Restoration offers a wide range of services that can best keep your home safe from molds. We offer carpet cleaning because carpets are one of the main places where you find molds. We have complete drying of structures to ensure that moisture does not form there. We can also dry your basement because as we said earlier, basements can have a lot of molds.

Service You Can Trust

If you are hesitant if Minuteman Restoration can do the job, then we are happy to assure you that we are an IICRC Certified firm. Having an IICRC Certification is proof that our products and services are of the best quality and we practice excellent business ethics. Our employees are trained to meet standards and we continuously undergo programs to keep ourselves updated on the techniques and ways of eliminating house molds.