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Water Damage Repair

Millions of dollars are lost every year because of water damage. This is not counting the longer term effects of such loss in the integrity of one’s property and personal belongings. Over time, water damage can lead to mold damage that not only requires a more extensive remediation. This can also can pose a significant threat to the health and wellness of susceptible individuals in our household.

As such, time is of the essence when it comes to water damage repair. We, at Minuteman Restoration, recognize the importance of performing meticulous yet purposeful water damage repair to achieve the following:

  • Put a stop to the deterioration of your property
  • Retain as much functionality and form of your personal belongings
  • Prevent the development of mold and mildew

All these are considered as a threat to the entirety of your health.

Our Extensive Approach to Water Damage Repair

Our fully trained and duly certified professional technicians can respond to water damage emergencies any time of day and any day of the week. We ensure comprehensive approach to water damage restoration. We especially care about your needs and as such we are committed to bring you fast, reliable, and highly effective solutions to mitigate your water damage woes. Consequently, we prevent the deterioration of your most valuable possessions.

We perform a very thorough inspection, assessment, and evaluation of the problem area before we can provide you with the best possible solutions. In many emergency water damage problems, we can readily apply the fix prior to the assessment to avert potentially more catastrophic consequences. Once the extraction of water has been performed, we can then proceed to a very comprehensive and thorough examination of the problem. Only then can we provide you with the best route of action to prevent such occurrences from ever happening again.

Taking pride in our membership to The Clean Trust program of the IICRC, you can rely on our Applied Structural Drying certification to guarantee complete drying of structures in the shortest period of time imaginable. This is to help ensure you can go on with your life with very minimal, almost negligible disruption. This is one vow that other water damage repair providers can only hope of providing.

At Minuteman, we provide you with exceptional water damage repair services that are fast, reliable, and effective. We are considered the best in the industry not only because of state-of-the-art technologies employed in our work but also because of the dedication and commitment of our water damage professionals.