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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is essential when broken pipes or flooding is experienced in the home. Once it
happens, it can cause havoc on your personal property. Beyond that, it might affect your health once mold develops. If you have water damage at your home, we will work on minimizing the damage to your property and restoring as many of your items as possible. This way, we are certain of preventing the deterioration
of your valuable possessions.

Once we get out all remaining water in your property, it is time to get working on restoring your valuables. We will come in with professional drying and dehumidifying equipment to ensure proper and thorough drying. Without doing so, your personal items might be susceptible to secondary damage, possible growth of microbes, and potential costs down the road.

Water Damage Restoration Process

First of all, we will remove any carpeting or padding to allow for proper drying of your home. Water removal is not enough to remove all the moisture. This may hide behind your walls, under the flooring, or even in your vents and heating/air conditioning system. Therefore, dehumidifiers, as well as high-velocity air movers, will be used to remove any remaining moisture in the air. More than that, we will use special instruments to find any spots of water that may be hiding.

Second, it is also very important to ensure that your home is fundamentally kept intact, especially in the basement. Water damage can lead to leaks on the foundation or cracks. Therefore, proper drying of the basement is vital in keeping your home livable and structurally sound.

Third, in case of a flood, water runoff from the sewage might occur. Professional clean-up of sewage is a painstaking process and beyond drying the property, sanitation is a must in order to kill all the germs.

Fourth, beyond the restoration of the property and the major furniture pieces, it might also be necessary to save important original documents. We can also handle the drying, microbial disinfection, deodorization, and sanitation of your important papers.

Last, it is important to work on the carpeting as quickly as possible to avoid the growth of certain bacteria or fungi that normally begins 12 hours after removing. To ensure this does not happen, disinfecting the carpet may also be done. Proper and timely cleaning will also prevent the need for odor control.

We are expertly trained to handle water damage and professionally restore your home to its former glory. Because of the critical timeline that is necessary to avoid extensive problems with your property, give us a call as soon as you notice water damage so that we can do our magic.