Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

We want to help keep our community healthy during this pandemic. Let us help keep our local business safe for reopening with our COVID 19 disinfecting cleaning services. Minuteman Restoration is providing affordable, effective all-natural Hospital level disinfection.


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About Minuteman

Water and sewage damage arise very unexpectedly. Decision making can be most difficult when these damages occur in your home or business. Timeliness is critical and that is where our commitment to arriving quickly comes into play. We understand at Minuteman that this in one of your most valuable assets and we will make every effort to prevent and minimize any further damage. Minuteman is ready to jump into action and be there to assist you in your time of need. Minuteman’s, many years of experience, has enabled us to respond and focus our forces on bringing your structure back to its pre-loss condition, quickly and efficiently, using state of the art technology.


Emergency Tips

How To Prepare For An Impending Flood

Sometimes floods are unpredictable, resulting from household issues such as a broken pipe or water heater. Other times, floods can be predicted such as when they occur in response to too much rain and sometimes that’s coupled with improper draining or faulty containment methods. After a flood, one of the best things you can do […]

How To Prevent Black Mold

By now, many people have heard about the dangers of black mold through media exposure talking about people getting sick from black mold poisoning and even hospitalized. These reports are so alarming that some people get fearful at the sight of any mold in their home or office, and for good reason. Having a mold […]

Tips For Cleaning Your Clothes After A Fire.

There are few things anyone can experience in life as frightening and damaging as a fire. If it’s a small fire with little damage, you’ll likely feel grateful that it wasn’t much worse. If it’s a large fire with significant damage, it can be heart-wrenching and terrifying. As traumatic as the experience is, however, when […]